Monday, 23 May 2011

Holiday season approaching...

Summer is on its wayyyyyy....

Whether you're a jet setter ready to fly off to a worldwide destination or you're one to stay in the UK for a more traditional British Summer, what do you pack as an essential in your handbag, preparing for the long flight/car journey ahead?

We carried out a survey and asked 100 people what they classed as their holiday handbag essentials... 3 in 10 people said "Playing Cards" were a great little game they can fit perfectly in their bags that bring numerous of games to make those usually boring long hours of travelling into something much more fun & enjoyable.

See our stunning packs of Green Cards - to buy your very own pack, dispatched the same day in time for your holidays. At just £3.99 and FREE DELIVERY they wont dissappoint!

As well as featuring unique illustrations, these cards are ECO FRIENDLY, made with 100% recycled/recyclable paper with vegetable inks, you're also doing your bit for the enviornment, how good will you feel!!!??!!